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Saturday the 13th (day before valentines day remember) was frustrating due to the wait for the snowgates to open. IMG_20160213_083907

But when the cars got moving we arrived at glorious sun shine. Just look at the following photos. If you took any that day (or any other day) send them to us and we place the on the web site.

IMG_20160213_130210798 IMG_20160213_130222344 IMG_20160213_130255706_HDR Looking out of the ski hut at lunch time.

IMG_20160213_145350431 IMG_20160213_145356404 IMG_20160213_145400687 IMG_20160213_153327177 IMG_20160213_153334235 IMG_20160213_153337548 IMG_20160213_153343528

On route to Glas Maol that opened at 3:45. Definitely worth the wait that day, even if you could only ski alongside the poma. Can't wait to go back, specially when you have this type of weather.

(The next day was not as nice, but Monday looked amazing again)

See you there